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hi friends.

I'm Kenyata Senu, a first-generation college graduate and engineer, but also the heart behind a non-profit tennis organization and now, believe it or not, a budding author on a mission! My goal? To make sure dreamers like me get to shine in spaces where we're not always seen.

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I'd say my love for engineering kicked in around the age of 8 — fixing VCRs, tape decks, always tinkering with anything I could find. At 11, I applied to join the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (@therealdapcep). I vividly remember taking the Tireman bus to Dexter, navigating my way to the University of Detroit Mercy (@detroitmercy) for STEM classes every weekend during the summer. The rest, as they say, is history.

Starting my professional engineering journey at 20 years old, working at the Mack Engine Plant on Detroit’s East Side, my career has been nothing short of remarkable. No one ever pushed or motivated me to become an engineer; the path chose me. Along the way, I often found myself being the ‘only one.’ Because Black women make up a mere 1.6 percent of this country’s engineers and scientists, and I wrote my first children's book, 'Issa the Engineer,' to help combat that percentage. I am determined to change the narrative and inspire the next generation of diverse engineers.

Currently, I'm spending my days in Indianapolis with my hubby and two pugs, spreading the word about engineering awesomeness as a S.T.E.M. advocate and impacting the community through my non-profit Black Tennis Connect. My journey isn't just a story; it's a full-blown testament to the idea that determination, wild curiosity, and pure passion can take you places you never dreamed of in the world. So, buckle up, because this journey is just getting started!

Stay curious, be innovative, and fearless.

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